Family-based green card applications are simple and many people do not need to hire an attorney.  Some applicants do not realize the importance of simple looking documents until they end up in questions and sometimes adverse decision.

You may require including some personal statements in applications such as I-130 petitions, I-751 applications being filed as separate filing or I-601 /I-601A waiver applications. We do not create content for your statement, but we can convert your own statement in a presentable format which will be more effective submission.

Sometimes you are not the great writer, but you may have your own flow of thoughts. Just voice record them and send it over to you. We will convert the same into a statement. You can send your statement in voice record format, handwritten script or typed script. If your statement is in your own language, we can translate the same to English. Let our experts prepare following documents for you.

we provide services like :

  • Preparation of personal statements (we accept content of your statements in typed, hand-written and voice-recorded formats in English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Sinhalese, Punjabi, and all South Indian languages)
  • Affidavits in lieu of civil documents (birth record, marriage record, etc.)